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We Keep it Simple! Perfection only! 

At Beteseb Restaurant, we have an amazing menu that features freshly prepared Ethiopian dishes. We are a family-owned restaurant with warm and friendly staff who are ready to serve you.


We have an incredible selection of traditional dishes available for you to enjoy. Try our Special Derek Tibs made with chunk of lean beef sauteed with onion, tomato, green pepper and purified butter. (served mild or spicy). You're also sure to love our Special Kitfo. All of our meals are served with injera - a flatbread made of either wheat or teff and Imported "Ye'Teff Injera" wich is gluten-free!


We also have a number of fabulous vegetarian dishes including our Ye'shiro Wot and Beyaynetu. Complete your meal with our incredible Imported Ethiopian Wine, Beer or with a traditional coffee ceremony.

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